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Manual of Style for chemistry articles

This page presents several chemical infoboxes to present chemical compound data in a standardized form. They are to be used on all chemical articles, and as such are actively being used in the WikiProject Chemicals.

Reliability of data[ಬದಲಾಯಿಸಿ]

These tables are constructed by experts in the field of chemical sciences, as well as amateurs and may have been edited by less-knowledgeable passers-by or vandals. Although these tables are well designed, and useful to present the relevant chemical data, the accuracy of information they contain cannot be guaranteed. This also applies to the information in the Hazards section, which is provided for reference value only. When handling chemicals, always take the proper precautions as defined also by reliable sources of information, particularly Material safety data sheets supplied by the manufacturer and/or relevant government agency. Also see Wikipedia:General disclaimer.

All data as presented in these tables are for materials in their standard state, which is defined to be 25 °C and 100 kPa, unless other conditions are explicitly indicated.

Infobox styles[ಬದಲಾಯಿಸಿ]

{{Chembox}} can optimally contain one or more drawings (see Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Chemicals#Ball-and-stick or space-filling?). For organic compounds, the most important drawing is a simple sketch using ChemDraw. Next in priority is a ball-and-stick model, which is especially useful for depicting shape. Space-filling models should be used selectively to make a point such as the "buried" environment of guest species in ionophores. For ionic or extended solids, it is useful to show multiple unit cells, ideally highlighting the coordination environments of the constituents.

How to use these tables[ಬದಲಾಯಿಸಿ]

These templates are for creating new infoboxes in wikipages which have no (current) infobox yet. The following steps indicate how to do this.

1. Edit the chemicals article to add the infobox to
2. Copy and paste one of the following three templates listed in {{Chembox}}.
3. Fill in the details; empty fields are okay.

See What links here in the toolbox on this wikipage, and the Chemicals WikiProject worklist to find wikipages as examples of use.

NFPA diamond[ಬದಲಾಯಿಸಿ]

The NFPA fire diamond is produced by the appropriate fields in the {{Chembox Hazards}} module:

NFPA-F = ? | NFPA-H = ? | NFPA-R = ? | NFPA-O = ?

F, H, R, O refer to flammability, health, reactivity, and others respectively. Replace "?" with the appropriate number or symbol.

Risk and safety statements[ಬದಲಾಯಿಸಿ]

The raw codes for R-phrases and List of S-phrases do not mean much to most people. A set of templates has been created to ease the confusion, one template for each phrase. If one enters {{R45}} into the table cell, the displayed result is R45: holding the cursor over the link displays the meaning of the code.

Supplementary data page[ಬದಲಾಯಿಸಿ]

If using the full Chembox, a supplementary page should be created as soon as time allows. This is most simply done by clicking on the red link in the table Supplementary data page, then type {{subst:Chembox supplement}}. Save the page, then edit to enter the information.

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