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When used with the "This is a redirect" (Redr) template:

Template {{This is a redirect}} may be used to add from one to seven rcat templates, along with their parameters and categories, to a redirect. For more information see the documentation page below.

When used by itself:

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This template subpage is used to illustrate the {{This is a redirect}} template on redirect category (rcat) template pages. This template should be surrounded by <noinclude> tags so it will not be a part of the transcluded rcat. Add this template to an rcat in the following manner:

<noinclude>{{This is a redirect/rcat}}
 |{{Redirect template ...
The "/noinclude" tag must precede "real" template code directly, without intervening spaces or line breaks.

Place this template at the TOP of an rcat page to illustrate the This is a redirect template on that page.


The {{Incorrect redirect template}} is an error detection template that is used with rcats to help ensure that they are correctly deployed. Pages that are exceptions may be added to that template so that the error box does not appear on those pages.

If a new rcat is constructed (or an existing rcat is revised) that uses this rcat-subpage template and template namespace is excluded by that rcat, then another step must be performed first, as follows:

  • The "pagename" (the name of the page without the "Template:" namespace prefix) of the new rcat must be added to the Incorrect redirect template page within a {{PAGENAME}} switch in alphabetical order.
For example: a new mainspace-only rcat, {{R from active empath}} is created. Add that new rcat to the code in the Incorrect redirect template as follows:
   |R from ISO 4=
   |R from ISO 639 code=
   |R from ISO 3166 code=
   |R from ISO 15924 code=
   |R from acronym=
   |R to acronym=
   |R from active empath=
   |R from adjective=
   |R from adverb=
Be sure to remember the equal sign (=) at the end.
The above must be done to make the new mainspace-only rcat an exception so the error box in the Incorrect redirect template does not appear on the rcat page. That will happen in any rcat that excludes template pages. Rcats that do not exclude template-space redirects do not need to be added to the Incorrect redirect template's code.

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